Terracare-Leather: enviromentally friendly resource-efficient socially compatible


terracare® leather is the manufacturing brand of Lederfabrik Josef Heinen. It defines our production standards: environmentally-friendly, resource-efficient and socially compatible.

What is special about this leather? It is manufactured as environmentally-friendly as possible – from German raw materials. However, social aspects are also decisive throughout the manufacturing process for our entire leather assortment – because, besides the environment, our focus is on people.

With terracare® you are choosing unique leather. And showing responsibility, for human beings and the environment. We are proud of this product and of the many awards it has won in the meantime.


Humans have been creating leather for centuries. We've been doing it since 1891. That's more than 120 years of leather know-how and that extra bit of expertise. Our specialists rely on craftsmanship and take the present requirements of leather into account. Always there: enthusiasm.

terracare® is a good example of convincing German craftsmanship. We work with traditional processes and adapt them to state of the art technology. Our formulas have proven themselves for years. When new requirements are made of leather, we meticulously work out the optimal process.

terracare® leather is developed and produced according to customer specifications. Together with our customers, we work with suitable types of leather to satisfy market requirements in the quickest and most targeted fashion possible. To the greatest satisfaction of all concerned.

made in germany

The designation of origin "Made in Germany" originally served to distinguish cheap import goods from Germany. However, it quickly developed into a seal of quality. In the eyes of many consumers (also internationally), it stands for quality, efficiency and precision.

A product may be designated as such when it has been manufactured, assembled or refined in Germany to a great extent. Since the founding of the company in 1891 we have been producing in Wegberg in North Rhine-Westphalia near the border with the Netherlands. Why here?
  • We work exclusively with German raw materials. The heavy livestock skins from Germany are considered worldwide as being of the highest quality.
  • Wegberg is located centrally, with excellent connections to airports, ports and motorways.
  • Water, the most important auxiliary material for the manufacture of leather, is found in Germany in exceptional quality and quantity.
  • The recycling and disposal possibilities for by-products from the processing of leather are ecologically compatible in Germany.
  • The leading global manufacturers of leather chemicals have their research and development centres in and around Germany. New developments can be quickly tried out and implemented in our production.
  • Leather technicians and tanning journeymen receive one of a kind training in Germany. Human beings are our most important resource.

Distinguished in

Award winning: our environmental and social standards are exceptionally high – and this is acknowledged around the world and documented in the form of numerous national and international prizes and awards. Conscious and sustainable thinking and action pay – not least in the form of good and motivated employees, quality-oriented production and good products.

You can find more awards and honours here.


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