Terracare-Leather: We have set the bar very high


2014: Gold Medal of the Leather Working Group – for the third time in a row
The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an association of various brands, manufacturers and suppliers of the leather industry. The goal is to constantly increase environmental sustainability in the leather and tanning industry.

In March 2011, the LWG examined Leder Heinen for the first time for environmental sustainability. This test is the most important in the global leather industry. The result: our environmentally and socially sustainably manufactured terracare® leather was awarded the highest possible status, the LWG Gold Medal. An inspection of the Gold Status took place in October 2012 and in April 2014, which we were able to confirm.


2012: Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) recognition as best training company in the federal state
Tanners and leather technicians are special professions for special people. We have been training young people for many decades now. New talent is very important to us; it is the future of our company.

That's why we are very proud that Leder Heinen achieved the best training performance in NRW Germany in 2012. We view the IHK recognition as inspiration to continue to create enthusiasm in young people for a career as a tanner or leather technician. This is because, with this combination of passion and experience, we produce one of the best leathers in the world.


2011: Best of APLF Award 2011
At the APLF trade fair in Hong Kong, the "Best of APLF Award" is awarded annually in various categories. In the process, an expert jury selects items, ideas or exhibitors that are particularly in vogue.

In 2011 we won the prize in the category "Best innovation for leather" with our terracare ZERO CO2® leather. Energy-efficiency in general and energy-efficient leather production in particular were subjects of particular interest during the Japanese atomic crisis. We are pleased at the international recognition at the APLF and view it as confirmation that we are on the right path with terracare®.

2011: Certification according to the ECOL Standard
Leder Heinen was certified in December 2011 as the world's first tannery working according to the ECOL Standard (Energy COntrolled Leather).

In the process, CO2 emissions from leather manufacturing were examined in all of their details. We calculate the CO2 compensation for our sub-brand terracare ZERO® CO2 on the basis of the findings of the independent auditors.


2009: Finalist for "Tannery of the Year 2009"
The trade magazine "Leather World" awards this prize according to the criteria of environmental protection, social responsibility to employees and the company environment, behaviour with suppliers, customers and business partners, strategic and financial orientation and strength of the company.

Industry representatives chose from among the 10 best tanneries in the world. We reached the final for the European regional prize, together with a Scottish tannery, which was ultimately awarded the prize. We are happy about and proud of our good second place. And that our terracare® brand received special attention due to the competition.