manufacturing craftmanship with care since 1891


A fine instinct is also called for in this trade! Here, everyone works on a daily basis to further develop our products. Everyone is personally responsible for his tasks.

From the careful selection of the raw material to the finished leather, experienced tanners and leather technicians supervise every step of the procedure. In order to consistently keep the quality at a high level, competent sorters sort the skins according to comparable surfaces. We take the time needed for for our leather. This makes each piece unique.

Step by step to quality

There are many tanning processes. We tan with non-toxic, trivalent chromium salt. This method has proven to be the most environmentally-friendly in various experiments. After tanning, the leather is folded and brought to the correct thickness for the various products.

During the retanning process, we lend it the tangible softness, the desired haft and the special, customer-specific character with individual formulas. The leather is also given the desired colour at this stage. We achieve a brilliant colour result with high quality and tested aniline dyes from Germany. They pose no risk to humans or the environment – you have our word on that.

Special greases make the leather water and dirt-repellent. The selection of the right grease substance is decisive for the softness, a neutral odour and the high level of durability of the leather. This important task is placed in the hands of our experienced tanners.

After stretching, there is only one more thing: a lot of time hang drying. We consciously work against the general trend in leather production. This is because with more time we can optimise the technical properties and the look of the leather. The result is high Heinen quality.