Terracare-Leather: We trust in traditional processes


Leather is robust and breathable by nature. Its elasticity, tensile strength and its ability to adapt to the human body in terms of temperature and shape are unique. Even modern function materials attempt to copy this. However, an adequate equivalent has not yet been found.

We process the original and use it to produce the proven Heinen leather in our inherent quality. Leather adapts perfectly, even when feet swell over the course of the day. Traces of use and shapes tell of its history. It is as individual as the person wearing it.

We make all terracare® products water-repellent with special, hydrophobing greases. In the process we maintain permeability for sweat at the highest level – for a naturally well-balanced foot climate. This is why leading shoe manufacturers rely on Heinen leather.


terracare® leather is manufactured according to strict environmental and social standards. The leather thickness lies between 1.3 and 3.0 millimetres. terracare® leather is mainly used to produce exquisite bags (incl. golf bags, briefcases and luggage, wallets) and shoes (outdoor, children's, comfort and special shoes).

Our product portfolio extends from very soft, top-grained Napa to very stiff nubuck leather. All items are developed and produced according to customer specifications. An important focus of our production is on technical specifications, such as hydrophobicity and breathability.

terracare® ZERO CO2

Despite all our efforts, we do release CO2 as a matter of necessity in the production of terracare®. The quantity is very low in comparison to other tanneries. Nonetheless, we assume responsibility for this.

This is why a portion of the costs for terracare ZERO® leather flows into reforestation programmes. Reforestation projects in various parts of the world are monitored by independent environmental organisations. We want to ensure that your money supports the right projects.

terracare ZERO® Chrome

People experience allergic reactions to a broad range of substances. Even when we tan with non-toxic chromium III, this can still cause allergic reactions in some people. We have brought terracare ZERO® Chrome to life for these people. Leather of this standard contains no chromium and is otherwise produced according to high terracare® standards.