Terracare-Leather: ecologically ideal and socially responsible


When we talk about responsibility, we mean the environment and our surroundings: our employees are our most important resource. We appreciate every one of them, deploy them according to their abilities and encourage them.

The highest level of occupational safety and regular training are self-explanatory at Leder Heinen. We invest in training and continuing training, as well as in social insurance. Our employees appreciate that: many of them have been with us for years or even decades. Every one of them gives their best. We are proud of that. The exceptional performance, the care and the wealth of experience of our employees result in an extraordinary product "made in Germany".

What does that mean for you? You can rely on the fact that terracare® leather is manufactured by motivated, satisfied and appreciated people.


The tanning profession has existed for centuries. It is a very old and respected craft, and more in demand than ever.

In close cooperation with the Research Institute of Leather and Plastic Sheeting (FILK) in Freiburg, we have been training tanner journeymen for decades. They are often then offered permanent employment with us upon completion of training. Upon successful completion, tanners can undertake a two-year apprenticeship as a leather technician. This specialist qualification expands the range of career possibilities.

The diversity of leather poses challenges for the expertise of tanners and leather technicians again and again. The range of products encompasses, among other things, airplane and automobile seats, shoes, clothing, bags, etc. That makes these careers versatile and exciting.


The social insurance of employees is extremely high in Germany in international comparison. In accordance with German legislation, all employees of Lederfabrik Heinen have pension and accident insurance, and their partners and children of course also have health insurance. The comprehensive German social security system also includes coverage in the event of unemployment or the need for long term care.

We view the high costs of this insurance as an investment in the future of our staff and thus ultimately in the company itself. Neither may it be the case that only wealthy people can consult with a physician, nor that social free-fall is a risk in old age or following an accident. Our business partners are also of this opinion. The purchase of terracare® products contributes to the maintenance and expansion of this exemplary social system.


terracare® leather is produced in many steps by human hands and machines. Especially when machines are part of the production process, particularly caution is called for. For one thing, our machinery is monitored for safety. They fulfil the strict German conditions for safety.

For another thing, we repeatedly train our employees in handling the devices in order to minimise the risk. This also means that we provide each employee with his own personal protection equipment (PPE) at no charge. The individual requirements and the health of the individual are thereby the priority. The well-being of the staff is fundamentally important for our work. They are our most important assets.